Gateblok – Cavity Blocking System

Gateblok – Cavity Blocking System
By Alba

Cavity Blocking System for Plastic Injection Molders

The laboratories of Wykle Research and modern metallurgical technology have produced GATEBLOK, a precise blend of metals specifically designed to to temporarily disable mold cavities, while withstanding the pressures and temperatures inside plastic injection molding equiptment.

Durable, quick and easy to use, GATEBLOK effectively seals off cavities in injection molds. Normally requires a down time of only 5 to 10 minutes, without having to remove the molds.

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Features and Benefits


  • Developed in conjunction with, and tested by precision custom injection molders.

Simple, Quick, Easy

  • Minimal preparation
  • Process done with mold in place
  • Hardens in 3-6 minutes

Money Saving


  • Excess equipment downtime
  • Gate damage
  • Commingled faulty parts



  • Not likely to fall out like “home remedies”. Extremely stable under high pressure and at temperature ranges less than 550° F.


  • Can be drilled or tapped out easily.

Pays for Itself

  • In as little as 2 applications

The GateBlok system Includes:

  • Accu-mix capsule mixer
  • 100 GateBlok capsules
  • Three placement tools
  • Two insertion tools
  • One GateBlok holder
  • Complete instructions