ALBA Quick Knockout Coupler


Couplers for Hydraulic or Mechanical Ejection

Ideal for use with: Quick Mold Change systems and Two-stage Ejection

Designed to provide a quick method of attaching the ejector plate in your mold to the ejection system in your molding machine. Provides positive ejector plate return while greatly reducing set-up time.

Perfectly suited for those molding machines where the ejector plate on the machine is difficult to reach. Ideal when center ejection is desired, but impossible to “tie-in”. Work with either hydraulic or mechanical ejection. ALBA has recently expanded the Quick Knock Out Coupler line up to 700 series for up to 5,000 ton machines.

Uses and Advantages

  • Quick and easy installation (even on existing molds). Return of the ejector plate is assured.
  • Part ejector plate is assured.
  • Coupling is obtained in any position, disconnecting is after the ejector plate is fully returned.
  • Fast acting up to 30 strokes/minute. No wearing parts.
  • Can be used on all injection machines equipped with hydraulic or mechanical ejection.
  • Set-up time can be greatly reduced.
  • Reduce noise on machines with mechanical knockouts. Especially suited for injection machines that do not have easy access to the ejector plate.
  • Allows for center ejection to be tied in.
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