Babyplast Micro-Injection Molding

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Micro-Injection Molding Machines

Babyplast is one of the smallest, fully hydraulic micro injection molding machines available. It’s the ideal machine for the production of micro parts from all types of thermoplastic materials up to 420o C, plus metals (MIM), ceramic (CIM), and wax. It has been used in over 10,000 production applications in multiple fields. Babyplast will save you money in multiple ways, while producing high-quality products of which you can be proud. Read more about Babyplast Applications.

Flexibility In Application


Babyplast machines are available in both horizontal and vertical configuration. The vertical machine has no tie bars. Several accessories are also available, to customize each machine to customer needs.

Babyplast works with a wide range of mold types. And, Babyplast molds are light in weight. Even steel production molds can easily be held in one’s hands. Materials run include PP, PS, PE, ABS, PA, POLYESTER, PEEK, TPE, to PC, POM, PBT, PPS, PPO, LCP, LSR, thermo rubber, ceramic and metal sinter, and wax.

Babyplast is very quiet, clean, and takes only 10 square feet of floor space. Its small physical footprint allows for easy adoption within your existing factory layout. It can also be used in clean-room applications.

Despite its small size, Babyplast is a robust production machine, that has been used in more than 10,000 applications in the fields of medical, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, toys, promotional products, cosmetics, and jewelry. Babyplast 6/10VP (vertical) By Babyplast Babyplast Accessories By Babyplast.

A recent special application of note is the 3-D printing of prototype molds that are then injected using a Babyplast machine. By way of this process, product developers are seeing dramatic cost reductions in both time and dollars, compared to the older steel mold process. Traditional steel molds cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas 3-D printed molds fitted to a Babyplast machine come in at no more than a few hundred dollars of Digital ABS. Time savings are equally dramatic, as 3-D prototype molds can be printed in hours, compared to waiting up to eight weeks for steel. This allows for unprecedented speed for you and your clients as you move through your creative product-development process.

The Babyplast line also includes an Autonomous Injection Unit (UAI), that converts a standard injection molding machine to a multi-shot machine for up to 4 components. The unit can be fixed to any part of the mold, including the moving half. This is a much more economical solution compared to buying a multi-shot machine, and is much more flexible. A UAI can be installed in a production line, with the clamp and injection part removed from the base. Due to the small size, two units can be positioned very close together for injecting on each end of a wire, for example, at the same time.

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