Babyplast UAI I/10P

Babyplast UAI I/10P
By Babyplast

Autonomous Injection

A Winning Idea For Multi-injection.

A small unit for big machines.

A Plug and Play solution. Allows molding with two or more components using a standard injection molding machine. It is applied directly to the mold or on the machine surface, horizontally or vertically. Hydraulically and electronically autonomous, it interfaces with the molding machine with some voltage-free contacts. Available for all thermoplastic materials, MIM (Metal Injection Molding), CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), LSR (Silicone), Rubber (NBR), Macromelt Holtmelts and waxes.

Pieces can be produced in bi-material using your standard mold with the help of a Babyplast Autonomous Injection Unit (AIU). The original design of this Autonomous Injection Unit (AIU) is based on the experience matured in thousands of applications on the Babyplast machine. The Babyplast injection unit comprises an injection unit to be installed directly on the mold and a carriage that contains the proportional hydraulic unit and the control electronics. The connection to the main mold is simple and quick thanks to an interface consisting of IN/OUT contacts with no voltage. All types of thermoplastic can be used that can be injected up to a temperature of 420°C.

After several hundred installations on many types of machines, it can be said that the Autonomous Injection Unit AIU 6/10P is a winning alternative in multi-material molding.

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Features and Benefits

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The Babyplast UAI “add on” injection unit opens up new business opportunities for you, providing a flexible and cost effective solution for multi-material molding, using your existing machine fitted to our UAI. In most multi-material applications, the main component is of greater volume than subsequent components. With their low shot weight, The Babyplast UAI is ideally suited to these applications, permitting precise injection and minimum residence times to avoid material degradation. All thermoplastic materials can be procssed up to 400 Centigrade.





Easy Set up

  • The ultra compact UAI can be installed directly onto the mold either horizontally or vertically and on either fixed or moving half. This allows the freedom to choose the best injection point and simplifies mold design and build.

Use with Any Machine

  • UAI comprises an injection unit connected to a separate floor standing unit carrying hydraulic and electric control systems. This self-contained system is on castors and can be easily moved from machine to machine. It fits all makes of moulding machine, and is also easily interfaced directly onto automatic production lines.

Add-On Injection Unit For Multi-Component Injection Molding

  • The Autonomous Injection Unit (UAI), offers an economical and practical solution for transforming an existing, standard, traditional single component injection molding machine, into a multi-component machine.


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Autonomous Injection Unit I/10P

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