Babyplast 6/10P (horizontal)

Babyplast 6/10P (horizontal)
By Babyplast

Babyplast the System

Micro-Injection Molding Machine 6/10P

“The ideal machine for the production of micro parts. Suitable for all types of thermoplastic materials up to 420°C, metals (MIM), ceramic (CIM), wax.” – PEEK & CO

Maxi-Performance For Micro-Pieces

The smallest fully hydraulic injection molding machine is the result of experience matured in thousands of applications in the medical, electronic and micro-mechanical sectors and years of research and experimentation in the field of MICRO-INJECTION of thermoplastic materials, MIM (Metal Injection Molding), CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), LSR (Silicone), Rubber (NBR), Macromelt Holtmelts and waxes.

The Smallest But Greatest

Babyplast 6/10P is one of the smallest, fully hydraulic, injection molding machines. Thanks to the unique concept of the machine platens which act as mold bolsters, the cost and dimensions of the molds are reduced considerably. Babyplast 6/10P occupies less than 0,6m2 of floor space and is extremely quiet (< 68dB)


Babyplast 6/10P Guarantees the highest precision thanks to the injection piston and pre- plastification of the material. To obtain the optimum volume of material, there are 5 interchangeable pistons available. It is also possible to move the injection unit off center.


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Features & Benefits

User friendly

  •  Touch screen color display.
  •  Easy to consult pages and user friendly display
  •  Handles and stores over 100 tool settings
  •  Back-up on USB memory drive
  •  Record of last 20 cycles
  •  Ethernet connections: modbus TCP


  • Production of small precision parts
  • Long and short production runs
  • Laboratory tests / sample production
  • Prototyping
  • Medical products / clean room applications
  • Technical training

Machine with accessories

  • Bench
  • Chiller
  • Drier
  • De-humidifier
  • Temperature controller max. 90°C.
  •  Sprue separator

Technical Data:

Micro-injection molding machine 6/10P

Piston diameter (mm):
10 12 14 16 18
Injection volume (cm3)
4 6,5 9 12 15
Injection pressure (bar):
2030 1850 1340 1030 815
Clamping force:
62 KN
Min. dist. between platens:
30 mm (55mm)*
Max. dist. between platens:
140 mm (165mm)*
Opening stroke:
110 mm
*Possible by moving spacers

Ejector Force:
Ejector stroke:
Oil tank capacity:
16 l
Power Consumption:
3 kW
150 kg
Mold dimensions:
75 x 75 x 70 mm (min.)
Power Supply:
400 V 50 hz