V260 CF – Self-locking Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

V260 CF – Self-locking Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders with self locking rod. Working pressure up to 260 bars. Holding forces from 5 to 70 ton. As option inductive or mechanical switches and preload flange.

Self locking rod Hydraulic Cylinder 260 Bar, with integrated end Stroke Switches

The V260CF are double-acting hydraulic cylinders with a mechanical locking system of the rod in the end stroke position (extended rod), which permits to contrast very high opposite thrusts. Such a solution is widely applicable in the field of plastic inject die- casting molds, in order to stand the injection pressure on large molding surfaces. The rod is hydraulically unlocked automatically when the piston comes back.

    Technical Features:

  • Max. working pressure: up to 260 bar (3770 PSI)
  • Bore Size: 30 to 84 mm
  • Rod Size: 20 to 60 mm
  • Max. working temperature :
    • Magnetic version: 80°C – 176°F
    • Non-Magnetic version: 160°C – 320°F
  • Stroke: 30 and 150 mm (according to the bore size)

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