SIM08 – Switches

SIM08 – Switches

A versatile and reliable switch connection box for all type of end stroke switches. 8 plugs for connecting a maximum of 8 switches and two clean contacts on exit – one for the front position and one for the rear position. The SIM08 connection box provides an optimal solution for connecting all type of cylinder end-stroke switches, with the following advantages:

1. Security.

Front and rear signals are usually joined in two series. Yet, this solution doesn’t provide any protection to an eventual double signal or connection error and make it difficult the identification of a broken switch. The SIM08 box is equipped with an alarm to any double signal and a led light for each switch permits a fast detection of a non-working switch even if the signal is in series.

2. Versatility.

The box can be fixed directly on the mold. From the box to the press machine there’s a unique connector (IP67 water resistance) with a 5 mt. cable. On the other side of the cable the end user can connect any type of connector – as per his Company standards – with min. 6 pins.

3. Simplicity.

The box installation, the connectors wiring, the box configuration are easy and fast. The result is extremely clean and functional for a better service from mold maker to mold user. The wide use of connectors provide a good solution for fast maintenance and mold change.

4. Functionality.

Most of switch types can be connected (on the signal exit you always have a clean contact): inductive PNP , magnetic Reed PNP and mechanical micro switch. The switch power can be provided by the box by its power through the switch connector.

5. Economy.

The box cost, especially when more switches will be connected, is easily covered by the advantages in terms of time reduced, security, versatility and simplicity. The SIM08 box can have different configurations depending on number and type of switches connected: it can connect from 1 to 4 cylinders that means from 2 to 8 switches. For special needs, two or more boxes can be joined together (24v D.C. is required). The switch connectors are M12 standard with 5 pins.

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