(EPIC) Connectors

(EPIC) Connectors

Epic electrical connectors, receptacles, plugs, insert, hoods, bases, housings. D-M-E type or equivalent.

Environmentally Protected Industrial Connectors are the ultimate Nema 4 and 12 multi- pin connections for all power and control applications where reliability and durability are essential. The connectors allow for the quick connect/ disconnect of power and signal lines between machinery. These metal or plastic housings are available either as top or side entry hoods and panel mount or surface mount bases with PG, Metric, or NPT cable openings. Available connector variations include: screw, crimp, or spring cage clamp terminated connectors from 2 to 280 contacts, UL & CSA approved up to 80 Amps, 1000 Volts.

    Connect with the Advantage

  • EPIC Connectors are the choice quick connect and disconnect technology for all power and control connector applications where reliability and durability are key requirements.
  • EPIC Connectors are used in many electrical applications ranging from main frame computer systems to machine tool panel control.
  • Now Available With NPT Threads.

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Features and Benefits




  • Built to withstand severe environmental and industrial hazards.
  • Provides protection against dirt, grease, oil, water, vibration and impact.
  • Durable – rugged, single-piece aluminum die casting.
  • Designed for flexible cable. Adaptable for seal-tight connections.
  • Available with front, angled, or top entry.
  • Fully adaptable – a multi-cut Neoprene gasket provides for cables of different sizes.




Male Plugs and Female receptacles

  • With screw terminals: 3 to 48 captive, backed-off screws for easy and convenient wire termination. With crimped terminals 7 to 216 contacts.
  • Contacts are hard silver plated copper alloy. (Gold plating available in crimp versions.) Ground-safety feature “makes first, breaks last”.
  • Insulators are interchangeable within either base or hood, and are key-molded to insure proper assembly. Terminals are number-coded, front and back, for easy installation.

EPIC_Panel Mount Base Housing01


  • Positive, spring-loaded locking-latches for quick connect and disconnect.
  • Designed with a lip-mounted Neoprene gasket for long protection against harsh environments.
  • Available in panel-mount base and single or double-entry surface mount base versions. Available with spring-loaded or string-attached dust covers.

EPIC® Fully Assembled

  • Special parts for variable applications available upon request.
  • Wide range of options provides for virtually all commercial applications using multi-conductor cable.
  • EPIC® can replace conventional circular connectors with screw termination convenience.
  • Secure and long lasting connector with spring-loaded locking mechanism.
  • Coding pins are available to polarize mating hood and base.
  • All units are UL CSA VDE and SEV approved.
  • Ratings are from 10 to 80 amps, and from 48 to 600 volts.
  • EPIC® connectors dependably resist harsh environments with NEMA Type 4 and Type 12 enclosure protection, meeting NEMA Standards Publication No. 250-1979.