VEGA provides more than just products. It provides custom-designed solutions, based on nearly 40 years of understanding and satisfying the specific needs of mold designers, mold-makers, and molders. By means of an accurate custom-made service, every customer gets the cylinders best suited to his specific activity.

VEGA provides a wide range of cylinders able to solve extreme condition problems, such as high pressures, high temperatures, and unusual space requirements. With VEGA you get twice the stroke length (20-400mm vs. 20-180mm), 70% greater injection pressure (250 bar vs. 150 bar, and more mounting options.

VEGA software assists designers in the correct dimensioning of cylinders, rapid configuration, and the creation of 2D and 3D drawings, all customized for the specifics of each customer’s molding machines. Technical consulting on design is also available. This helps designers save time and eliminate errors.

Specialized options include magnetic switches, manifold oil delivery, in-mold positioning of cylinders, self-locking rod cylinders, and integrated compact mechanical micro switches.

For mold makers, VEGA provides super-fast delivery times, a technical catalog with all the information needed for the assembly and connection of cylinders and switches, and personalized customer care and support.

For molders, VEGA provides a fast system for the identification of individual cylinders, which enables rapid replacement of spare parts, that are always available in stock at VEGA. Technical support provides fast answers even in case of replacement of complete cylinders.


Cylinders are a relatively inexpensive product, but extremely important in helping you avoid large losses. When a cylinder breaks or loses oil, a whole production line can be stopped.

From the design of a new cylinder, through technical analysis of problems after the sale, VEGA emphasizes long-term durability. Each component going into the build of a cylinder is selected from the best products available on the market. VEGA uses a higher grade of steel than other cylinder manufacturers. And all VEGA cylinders have an extra seal and two extra guideposts. As a result, VEGA cylinders are more robust in use than those from other manufacturers, and that translates into less down time, and higher profits for our customers.

VEGA quality control is performed without compromise. Every outgoing cylinder is hydraulically tested according to appropriate technical specifications, at the maximum admitted pressure. Each magnetic cylinder undergoes specific tests of the magnetic field and the switches.

All VEGA cylinders are warranted for two years.


VEGA provides solutions, not merely products. Therefore, we follow and assist our customers for the life of our relationship with them, starting with design and choice of the right cylinder for each application, all the way through helping production floor end users with maintenance and trouble shooting as needed.

A key point of VEGA’s customer service is fast deliveries, made possible thanks to a warehouse generously stocked semi finished components, accessories, spare parts and finished products. Computerized stock handling management is employed, with minimum stocks determined by historical consumption analysis so we almost never have to backorder. And special attention is paid to the availability of the spare parts for out-of-production items.

All VEGA cylinders are equipped with a metal label that shows the functional data of the cylinder, plus an individual serial number we use to identify exactly which spare part to ship when one is needed. This enables us to ship parts or complete replacement cylinders within 24 hours of our receiving a request, thereby minimizing downtime for our customers.